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Let's Go To: Seattle, Washington

It's true, I consider myself a semi-professional when it comes to knowing Seattle and the surrounding areas. My parents have a summer home, my Grandparents and a ton of my close friends live here - it's my second home.

Every summer, my family flies out from Tokyo and I fly out of wherever I'm living that year (hehe) for about two weeks. I've spent many summers throughout the United States and there's nowhere I would rather spend the months of July and August. The weather is perfect.

This isn't the typical "Top places to visit in Seattle" because you can find that on a million other websites. What I'm about to show you is a list of random things someone that's been to Seattle a thousand times still loves to do. Enjoy!

Pack With Me: Carry-On Essentials

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Tomorrow I start my adventure where I'll be on 6 flights within a 2.5 week span and have been mentally planning my packing process since a couple of weeks ago. Even though I despise packing, when people find out how much I travel, they always ask me these questions: 

"What are your carry on essentials?" 
"What's the best way to pack?" 
"Do you have any packing tips?"
"What's the best way to fold clothes?"
"How can I avoid checking a bag in?"

So, I decided to put another series together: Pack With Me! I'll be sharing what I pack for different trips, how I pack, what travel items I'm loving, packing hacks, etc! I say 'another' since I started "L.A Locals Love.." where I introduce awesome places in and near Los Angeles - click here for the latest one!

L.A Locals Love: The Orange County Fair

Welcome to the first post of my new series: L.A Locals Love... I'm lucky enough to live in a city where millions of people travel to as a vacation destination. I get asked for recommendations all the time regarding what to do, where to go, where to eat, etc - in Los Angeles or surrounding areas. That's why I decided to start this series to introduce places, eats and events throughout the L.A vicinity in hopes to inspire future visitors. I hope you love it!

Let's Go To: The Queen Mary, California

Living in Southern California has its benefits. One of them being, there are so many places to enjoy "staycations" just by driving a couple of hours (more or less) in whatever direction. This time, we went out towards to Long Beach. We were there for a celebration aboard The RMS Queen Mary, a retired passenger ship moored at the port of Long Beach. The Queen Mary now serves as one of the most visited tourist spots in the Los Angeles area; a wedding location, endless event space, several restaurants, tours (the haunted tours are the best!) and of course a hotel. Since we were going to be out there for dinner, we decided to stay overnight aboard the ship; I'm such a history geek, I was giddy all week.