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Working From Home: Tips & Tricks

Phew! That was a lot of "Let's Go To" series in a row! This brings me to the topic of work...

Contrary to belief, I actually do work. I did leave my corporate, full-time job but I do have a side job that's part-time, done from home. When people find out I work from home, I get asked a lot of questions and often for advice if they're thinking of doing the same. It's removed from travel but still related since the flexibility of working from home makes me able to work from wherever I am.

Welcome to a day in my life when I work from home!

1. Change and close the bedroom door: This might sound strange but I make sure I get out of my pajamas and into regular clothes. Not necessarily a suit, of course but anything that you can be seen outside in. Then, I close the bedroom door and won't go back in there until night time. This really helps keep the bedroom a bedroom.

2. Brew coffee and eat breakfast before work hours: It's so easy to start working and forget to start the day off right. I always make sure to brew a cup (or two) of coffee and eat breakfast before work starts.

My coffee station; favorite part of my house.

3. Work in my home-office 99% of the time: When work starts, I close my office door and work there for the entire day. I never bring my laptop out to the living room or more tempting, the bedroom. The only single exception is if it's beautiful outside; then I treat myself and take my stuff out to the patio.

Only sometimes!

4. Take breaks: Luckily I work in a shift environment so we have a strict start and end time along with break times. Again it's so easy to stay on your computer during breaks but I always leave the office and do something non-electronic.

5. Eat lunch outside the home-office: When I was in the corporate world, I ate lunch in my office with the exception of lunch appointments. I would scarf food down and I often couldn't remember what I even ate! I'll eat outside in our yard sometimes or just in the dining room - somewhere other than my office.

Typical lunch: salad & toast.

6. Go outside: Like I said earlier, I'll eat lunch or work outside sometimes. If not, I try to at least step outside for a few minutes and breathe in some fresh air. I'll go check the mail, water the plants, whatever it may be, it always feels so good!

7. Stretch: Always make sure to stand, move around and stretch! Self-explanatory, yes?

8. Have snacks: One thing I do allow in my home office are snacks. Whether it's fruits or sometimes junk food, I remember to snack moderately so I'm not binging for dinner.

My favorite snack lately. 

9. Don't shop online or browse through social media: This one is hard and I'm guilty of going against this at times but I try not to. Again, I don't like or want my work and leisure time to mix so I wait to check social media or shop online until after work hours.

10. Close the office door: Once the work day is over, I shut down my computer, put everything away and close the office door. Same as my bedroom in the morning, I won't go back in my office until the next work day.

Just some additional information: I've worked this job on and off for over 6 years. I've made a lot of mistakes but this is the perfect routine for me where I find I'm most productive. Obviously it's different for everyone but I just find that I personally need to very clearly separate work space and home space inside my house or else everything starts blending together; thus creating this strange, blur of a day.

I hope this helped if you're still getting used to working from home or thinking about doing so! Working from home has its pros and cons which I can discuss in a later post but for now, it's more beneficial than not for my current lifestyle.

Do any of you work form home? Do you have any habits you can share that I might find helpful? 
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  1. What do you work as, if I may ask? My ultimate dream is to work from home but also in hopes that the income it generates will be enough to supply my wants and needs. Do you earn enough to sustain your lifestyle? How can you afford to travel? Do you freelance or do you work for a company that allows you to work from home?

    1. Hi Sucely! Thanks for stopping by! I'm contracted with a language/educational institute to translate and grade papers because of my educational/work background. The hours vary and it's definitely not a lucrative job; I do it so I can at least cover some bills. There's more detail in my first post ever on this blog but I've been in corporate america since I graduated college and recently (April 2015) left that world. I've always been very responsible financially, which is what I heavily rely on for the travels. Does that make sense? I hope that answered your question! Such a pretty name, by the way! xo Kana