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Featured Friends: Yulia from TravelBlond

It's that time of month again for Featured Friends! I'm extra thrilled to introduce yet another Fly Away Friday OG, Yulia from TravelBlond. She's been an active participant of the Fly Away Friday link-up; both Chloe and I love reading her posts.

As usual, I've curated 10 questions for her in order for us to get to know her better! Let's do this!

1. Tell us about yourself. 

Hello All, I’m Yulia. My blogging name is TravelBlond. I am a free time traveler for now but it goes from full to part time depends on the year. My blog is a new project, it was created only a year ago. I’m writing in two languages: English and my native Russian.

2. Why did you start a blog?

I have been writing and travelling all my life. And finally decided to combine it into one project – a travel blog.  
I was living in Alaska in the cabin with no entertainment (nor electricity of running water) what so ever. My first blog ideas were literally written by hand on a piece of paper. It kept me busy and I wasn’t even sure if I should post it online. Later I thought why not and created a blog.

3. You're in California via a one-way ticket. Why did you choose California out of everywhere else?
Coming to SoCal on a one-way ticket was a pure dream following. It was not planned or thought through. Surviving a cold snowy winter in Moscow gave me that craving for sunny and warm days. I have never been to California before but pictured myself dipping toes into the sand and breathing that fresh ocean air. I have been living in California for 8 years and still have regrets about my impulsive one-way ticket decision. 

4. Do you have a separate career or do you travel full time?

I try to keep balance between work and travel. But last few years I realized that I’m tailoring my career for growing travel desires. My degree and career has nothing to do with traveling; I am chemist. But I am also a dreamer! So I want to make it possible to do both.

5. What has been your biggest adventure?

It has been almost 8 years of me living in California but I still think that moving alone across the globe to USA was my boldest biggest adventure. I was only 25 and it was my first solo travel experience. 

6. Where is one destination that's made an impact on you? 

Every trip teaches us something. For me the most eye opening destination was Alaska. I lived there last year for 4 months and it probably was the most challenging trip. I lived alone in the woods and was taking care of 57 sled dogs. Unforgettable experience and adventure!

7. What are you travel plans for 2017?
Costa Rica has been on my bucket list for a while. Planning to make it happen in early 2017. I will be celebrating New Year in fabulous NYC and it’s a great beginning of my travel list. 

8. What do you miss about or from Russia?  

My home country has incredible hospitality traditions. If you a guest at somebody’s house, you will be treated and served as a royal family member. Delicious homemade food is a huge part of Russian culture I always miss.

9. What do you hope to accomplish through TravelBlond?

Writing my blog brings me closer to the blogging community of wonderful and inspiring people. It also keeps me organized on adding new posts. For now, it is just a hobby but I would love to turn it into something serious maybe as a travel writer job. As I’m learning and figuring things out my goals might change. 

10. Anything else you'd like to add for my readers? 

I would like to suggest to your readers (especially if they are bloggers) not to be afraid to reach out and ask if they have questions about posts. I did few times and I'm happy I did. Reading blogs of some minded people brings up ideas for new destinations, gives you insightful tips and most important gives you the confidence that you too can travel the world. Just recently after reading post from fabulous  #FlyAwayFriday blogging community I learned about new place and took a trip there! 

Make sure you follow Yulia on these channels:
Twitter: @travel_blond
Facebook: Yulia TravelBlond
Instagram: @travelblond


Thank you Yulia for being on my blog! Since you're a fellow Californian, we'll have to get together sometime. Again, we love having you on Fly Away Friday and hope to continue reading your exciting posts! 

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