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Featured Friends: Cherie from Nada to Prada

It's that time of month again to meet a new Travel Blogger! Say hello to my April Featured Friends, Cherie from Nada to Prada! Cherie emailed me about a month ago just to introduce herself and I loved that! I enjoy hearing from people that stumble across any of my social platforms; it truly makes my day.

Without further ado, let's get started on the interview with Cherie!

1. Tell us about yourself. 

Hello! My name is Cherie Rose Martin. I was born in Manila, raised in Albuquerque, NM but consider myself a citizen of the world. I have perpetual itchy feet and most consider me a vagabond. I divide most of my time between NYC & Paris. I have a deep passion for luxury marketing especially in the niche of luxury hotels considering I live the "suite" life myself wherever I am in the world. My other world is in Show Business. I manage the greatest auteur in Entertainment (if I do say so myself!), my husband, Gregory Paul Martin.

2. Your blog is titled Nada to Prada. How did you come up with that name? 

I grew up in the barrio of Tondo, Manila and knew as a young girl that through sheer faith, determination and unwavering conviction, my circumstances did not make me but simply served as lessons to be transcended to foster my evolution into my highest potential. I am a firm believer in designing the life of your dreams. You can read all about it in my blog how I manifested my husband, let alone my whole life!

From Nada to Prada just rolled of the tongue and was apropos simply because I AM chronicling my rags to riches (with a huge dose of sweetness!) story with my feet firmly planted on the ground. Luxury doesn't have to be pretentious. I'm bringing the down to earth nature to it through my blog.

3. You're a Manila girl through and through. Tell us some spots in Manila that other travelers should know about! 

Unfortunately, I left Manila at the tender age of 6/7, so I can hardly remember. My grandma keeps telling me to visit areas like Boracay. Believe me, it's on my bucket list! I haven't visited since I left so a trip is definitely in order. I'm sure emotions will run high as I have yet to meet my cousins on my mother's side of the family. It will be a grand family reunion.

4. If you can travel to 3 places all expenses paid, where would they be?

Santorini, Greece
Tokyo, Japan
The Maldives

And not in that particular oder! After being in cold weather I am craving sun, serenity but also a new city with a bit of zing!

5.  You lived in Albuquerque for 11 years! What brought you there and what were your favorite things about living there? 

My father was stationed there. He is a retired Air Force Captain so I did a bit of the military living thing growing up. He had a choice between Arizona, Turkey or New Mexico. Looks like we all turned out okay! :)

The New Mexican cuisine (green chile!! yum) and the stunning sunsets were some of my favorite delights when I lived in New Mexico. Also, the people are incredibly generous and authentic. New Mexicans' thoughtfulness knows no bounds.

6. You also spent quite a bit of time in Paris & New York City. If you could pick 1 restaurant from each city, which would those be and why?

That's the hardest question to ask a self proclaimed foodie! In Paris, I would have to go for La Fontaine Gaillon, our friend, French actor, Gerard Depardieu's restaurant. It's elegant fine dining that doesn't break the bank and doesn't give off an air of pretentiousness. In NYC, I love spots like Sant Ambroeus in the West Village. I love a good, cozy ristorante!

7. One of your interests is in astrology, so awesome! What are some interesting astrology facts you can share? 

Ah yes, it's one of my hidden talents. :)

The most important thing I can share is that everybody has free will. I am constantly asked if there is a such a thing as a bad chart. Nonsense! I read a person's astrology chart like a weather forecast. It's how we ride the wave. We're creating our reality every second. It's not about the hand you're dealt; it's how you play it.

8. If you could live in one country that you have never been to, for the rest of your life, where would it be?

Probably a country like Italy because at least I know I'll like their food! Hahaha! But also their way of life is so laid back, I know I'd be in good company :) Dolce far niente. Pleasant idleness. Sounds good to me!

9. What do you hope to accomplish through your blog, From Nada to Prada? 

To inspire my message of living life glamorously doesn't have to come at a "Prada" price tag. I want my readers to feel that having a luxurious experience is as accessible to them as it is to someone like Jennifer Aniston. There is no barrier.

10. Any wise words or message you'd like to share with my readers? 

You get what you concentrate on. There is no other main rule. The point of power is always in the present. I live and breathe these words and that's how I've become the self-made millennial that I am. Thank you for following me on my journey!

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Thank you Cherie for being on my blog! It was so lovely getting to know you through e-mails and this interview; can't wait to read more of your travels in the future! 

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