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Alice in Wonderland Cafe Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan

Alice in Wonderland Cafe Tokyo Japan

If you weren't aware already, Japan loves themed restaurants and cafes. Whether it's animal related, robots, famous characters - whatever you can imagine, they have it. Alice in Wonderland is no exception. This particular Alice in Wonderland Restaurant in the Shibuya area of Tokyo has been around for a few years already. However, it's been so popular that the lines would be around the block, especially on weekends or holidays. As a 'local', I didn't even want to deal with that so I decided to wait until it died down.

A few years in, the Alice in Wonderland restaurant is still a popular spot for tourists. Thankfully though, the weekday crowd has subsided quite a bit and I finally had the opportunity to dine there. I can walk from my house to this restaurant but from the Shibuya station, it's only about a 5 minute walk or less. Let's dive into this magical dining experience!

The Ultimate Guestroom Makeover Tips Under $200 - Before and After!

Recently, I started getting a little bored with the guest room and decided to give it a budget-friendly facelift. Originally I gave myself $100 to spend for the makeover but since a new bedding set was necessary, I doubled it to $200. I shifted the furniture around, purchased new decor and was able to wow my best friend when she visited. Since she had stayed in this room before, she was shocked with how small changes can make such a big difference!

Ever since moving to this home in California, I've welcomed and hosted many friends and family. I always receive flattering compliments about the guest room and I credit that to working in the hospitality business for so long! I know what makes a comfortable, welcoming room and what to add for an extra oomph. Here's a few tips that I swear by in order to create the perfect space for your guest, as well as real life before and after pictures of my guest room! Enjoy!

Checking In: Hotel Maya in Long Beach, California

Hotel Maya Long Beach Review

I'm irrationally excited to be writing this review of Hotel Maya, A DoubleTree by Hilton in Long Beach, California. As some of you may know, I've worked in the hotel business for 8+ years - started as a Reservations Agent and ended as a Director of Sales & Marketing with several other positions in-between. I've stayed at hundreds of hotels between business and leisure yet the Hotel Maya is one of my (if not THE) favorite hotel I've ever stayed at. Trust me, that's saying a lot.

I enjoy the big-box hotels for their reliability but if you're looking for a boutique hotel in Long Beach, California, Hotel Maya is the spot. Let me take you around! Here's a full review of the Hotel Maya.

Fly Away Friday #31

Welcome to the Fly Away Friday link-up! We’re so happy you’re joining us! Grab a cup of coffee, tea or wine (we’re not judging!) and enjoy!
About Fly Away Friday:
Fly Away Friday is a link-up community for travel related blog posts. Hosted by Janine from Fill My Passport and Kana from Life in Wanderlust; we wanted to create and cultivate a supportive community of travelers. Every other Friday at 9:00AM PST, the Fly Away Friday link-up will open for everyone to share their posts all weekend long until Sunday at 11:59PM PST.

10 Travel Blogger Myths & Truths

Travel Blogger Myths & Truths

Since I got such great feedback from everyone on my 15 Questions I Get Asked Most As A Travel Blogger post, I wanted to write a post that addressed myths I've been approached with during my 2 years of Travel Blogging, along with the aligning blatant truths for each one.

These are my personal opinions in response to comments I've directly received whether it's from fellow bloggers, followers, friends or family about Travel Blogging. Some may be encouraging, others discouraging but either way, I'm being absolutely honest!

Welcome to the reality of being a Travel Blogger!