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5 Amazing Brunches in Downtown Los Angeles

Poppy + Rose downtown Los Angeles
(Poppy + Rose) 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I'm obsessed with brunch. Brunch has been a part of my life growing up way before it became the cool thing to do. To me, weekends = brunch and I guess I'm glad the entire world is now on board with that formula because well, more options! Especially now that I live in downtown Los Angeles, it's been such a blast almost every weekend, trying out new brunch spots. I've been eager to write up a post sharing the best brunches in LA and here it is!

P.S After you're done reading this post, there's a part 2 with 5 more amazing brunches in Los Angeles. Click here for that post

Bottega Louie
(700 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017) 

If you know Bottega Louie from their delightful macarons and not their food, you're not the only one. I was also drawn in by their macarons years ago just to find out their dining is even better. Scratch that, their brunch is even better. Bottega Louie brunch is something I recommend probably to every single person that's visiting LA. A few of my favorites are: Portabello Fries, Beignets, French Toast and Tartufo Pizza. Beware, there's going to be a wait (no reservations) and it's on the pricier side but good lord is it worth it!

Bottega Louie Brunch
(Portabello Fries at Bottega Louie)

Bottega Louie Brunch
(French Toast at Bottega Louie) 

Bottega Louie Brunch
(Tartufo Pizza @ Bottega Louie)

Bottega Louie Brunch
(Beignets @ Bottega Louie) 

Blu Jam Cafe
(541 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013)

The downtown Los Angeles location of Blu Jam Cafe is located inside the Spring Arcade Building. We just happened to be walking through the building when we spotted a very busy Blu Jam Cafe and added it to our list. The first time we went (yes, we've been multiple times now!), there was a 40 minute wait and I believe it was around 11:30AM on a Saturday. Pro tip: what we do now is go before 10AM and it's either a 5 minute wait or no wait at all. They're known for their Crunchy French Toast, pictured below above the Sicilian Scramble. Yes, it's crunchy and yes it's delicious. However, our favorite french toast at Blu Jam Cafe is actually the Churro French Toast, pictured directly below. You heard that right, friends. Churro French Toast and it's bomb dot com. Crispy on the outside with cinnamon sugar and soft on the inside; I mean I'm drooling just thinking about it. Want something savory? The Sicilian Scramble will have your stomach thanking you.

Blu Jam has a few other locations throughout the Los Angeles area; Hollywood, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Brentwood, Woodland Hills and surprisingly, a couple in Tokyo, Japan!

Blu Jam Cafe DTLA
(Churro French Toast at Blu Jam Cafe)

Blu Jam Cafe Los Angeles
(Sicilian Scramble and Crunchy French Toast at Blu Jam Cafe)

Urth Caffe
(451 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA 90013)

I'm pretty sure my friends are sick and tired of seeing Urth Caffe Insta-Stories by now. You guys, I recommend Urth Caffe for brunch but also in general. The food is high quality, locally sourced and often organic. If you're a coffee and/or tea fan, you're going to love Urth Caffe. They have a huge selection of beverages including their popular Rising Sun Boba (Matcha Latte, Boba, Espresso Shots, oh my!) and my guilty pleasure, the Cafe Glace (like a Coffee Frappuccino but better). Since we live less than a mile from the closest Urth Caffe, we've eaten their breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert and honestly, you can't go wrong. Speaking of dessert, don't skip it when you visit! Cookies, Tiramisu and oh god, their pies. All of them. But my favorite? Custard and Pumpkin. So good.

Urth Caffe DTLA
(Mushroom & Potato Omelette and Belgian Waffles at Urth Caffe)

Urth Caffe DTLA
(Breakfast Pizza at Urth Caffe)

Dekkadance @ InterContinental Downtown Los Angeles
(900 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90017)

Dekkadance is located in the InterContinental Downtown Los Angeles. As soon as they opened about 2 years ago and heard about their weekend brunch buffet, we had to experience it. First of all, it's on the 72nd floor so it's worth it just for the views. It's definitely a splurge with the price at $85 per person but that includes an array of choices ranging from fresh seafood, fruit bar, charcuterie, baked goods, omelette bar, salad bar and unlimited bubbly. We're not baller enough to go often but if we have something to celebrate, we buffet at Dekkadance or at Bottega Louie. A side note, we also dined at Dekkadance for dinner and it was just as fabulous.

Dekkadance InterContinental Downtown LA
(Assortment of foods from the Dekkadance Brunch Buffet)

Dekkadance Brunch Buffet InterContinental Los Angeles
(Brunch views from the 72nd floor at Dekkadance)

Poppy + Rose
(765 Wall St, Los Angeles, CA 90014)

Poppy + Rose has been on my list forever and I'm kicking myself for not trying it earlier. We actually just went this past weekend and believe me, we'll be going back soon. Located right across the Original Flower Market in the flower district of downtown Los Angeles, it's smaller than I thought but incredibly delightful. Yes, there's probably going to be a wait but the line goes surprisingly quick. We had about 5 parties ahead of us and we waited just under 20 minutes. In LA, that's nothing, folks. The food comes out fast since you order and pay right as you get in prior to getting seated. I don't drink much alcohol but I couldn't say no to the Friend Chicken Mary (Bloody Mary w/a Friend Chicken); um, delicious. We also got the Lumberjack Breakfast and the Pulled Pork Scramble which were both so scrumptious! The hash brown is perfectly fried and the meats? Heavenly.

(Charming interior of Poppy + Rose)

(Pulled Pork Scramble, Side of Bacon, Lumberjack Breakfast and Fried Chicken Mary at Poppy + Rose)

What do you think of this best brunches in downtown Los Angeles list? Have you been to any? Have I convinced you to try them? I'd love to know in the comments below! 

For your reference, here's a map with all 5 brunches in downtown LA: 

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5 Best Brunches in Downtown Los Angeles


  1. I love brunch too! Breakfast is my favorite meal and this is like a huge breakfast, therefore it's heaven for me.
    Thanks for the recommendations, I'll be sure to keep them in mind next time I'm in LA.

    1. Hahaha yes, a 'huge breakfast' is the perfect way to describe brunch! Totally agreed! Let me know if you ever make it out to any of these spots :) Thanks for stopping by, Cristina! xo