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10 Tips For Traveling With Pets | Hotel Edition

Tips For Traveling With Pets

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Are you thinking of traveling with your pet? Concerned about your dog’s first stay at a hotel? Keep reading for tips on how to travel with pets! 

While we’ve never flown with our dog before, we’ve road-tripped with her several times. I like to think we’ve perfected the skills to successfully take our dog on road-trips and stay at hotels, which is why I wanted to share tips on how to travel and stay at hotels with dogs! 

To preface this post, we always knew we would raise our dog to be adaptable. This meant that we traveled with her early in her life, basically as soon as she was vaccinated properly and allowed to safely be in public. We also experimented with several dog-sitters which in hindsight helped with her adaptability, since she got so used to changes in scenery. I can proudly say that at 3 years old, she’s a professional at making anywhere, home. So if you have that capacity right now with a puppy or thinking of getting a puppy, definitely start early! 

Tips For Traveling With Dogs

Now even if your dog is older, you can still start now with these tips. As you'll see below, comfort and familiarity are key when traveling with your dog: 

1. Bring familiar toys or blankets

  • Does your dog have a favorite blanket and toys? Bring them with you! Having something familiar will help so much. For example, our dog sleeps in her crate with an old towel and we always bring that with us. She always curls up with the towel and falls asleep at hotels! 
  • For toys they love, we always spend a few minutes in the hotel room after we let her explore, to play with her with the toys. This will comfort your pup! 

2. Bring a copy of their health certificate or records

  • I've personally never actually had to take this out or show it to anyone, but I think it's really important to have it with you just in case. If you run into an emergency where you have to board them at your destination or leave them at daycare, or go to a vet, it's so crucial to have those ready. 

3. Bring plenty of familiar food, water and snacks in addition to familiar food/water bowls

  • Same concept as the blanket and toys; bring the usual dog food and snacks for your pup when staying at a hotel. If you can, also have those ready for them in the same bowls you use at home. 
  • Once I fill the water bowl, I always leave it next to her crate (as we do at home) and physically lead her to it and show her that it's there. 

4. Bring an appropriately-sized travel crate that they're familiar with

  • Whether it's being used for the actual travel (car, train, etc) or for the hotel room, bring an appropriately-sized travel crate for your dog (this is the collapsible crate we use).  
  • Make sure prior to travel, you leave the crate in your home for them to explore and go in and out of, so they're familiar with it when the time comes. 

5. Make sure they have an ID tag or chipped

  • Again this is more precautionary, but make sure they have an ID tag or that they're chipped just in case! It provides peace of mind, too. 

6. Bring wipes and towels

  • For the first few times traveling with your dog, until they're used to it, there could be accidents or upset stomachs. There's no such thing as bringing too many wipes! 
  • Also, be respectful and don't use hotel towels to clean up your dog's mess. Bring and use your own. 

7. Bring plenty of waste bags

  • While some pet-friendly hotels provide waste bags, a lot of them don't. So it's important to bring plenty of waste bags!

8. Request a ground floor room 

  • This is more a preference and dependent on your dog but if your dog isn't used to, or afraid of elevators, requesting a ground floor room in the hotel might be beneficial for you. 
  • Not only would they not have to go up and down the elevator (or stairs), you're that much closer to the exit for potty time! 

9. Locate and establish a potty area at the hotel as soon as you arrive

  • This is definitely the trickiest part for us even to this day. The first tricky part is to actually find a potty area for the hotel as some hotels don't have a designated area. 
  • Once you decide on the spot, or find the designated area, it's important to establish with your dog that that's the new potty spot. We usually wait and walk around the area until she does some sort of business. 
  • Whenever it's time for them to go potty again, bring them to the exact same spot so they get used to it. 

10. Make sure the hotel (or accommodation) is pet friendly and be aware of fees

  • This seems obvious but easy to either assume or end up with ridiculous pet fees! 
  • While more and more hotels are becoming pet friendly, the fees are not. For example, all Westin brands have no pet fee which I think is so generous and amazing! Which is why we try to stay at Westin hotels when we're bringing our dog. Some others after research, can charge more than even the actual hotel stay! 
  • Keep in mind the deposits. Some "pet deposits" are refundable and some are not. 
  • Aka, do your research! 

What do you think of these tips? Would you add anything to it? Do you have any questions for me? Feel free to leave them below!

Traveling with your pet can be stressful but as long as you’re prepared, you’ll be successful and  you’ll never want to travel without them! 

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Tips For Traveling With Pets

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