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10 Things To Know Before Your First Cruise

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Carnival Cruise Line. However, all opinions are always my own.

I am beyond excited to announce my partnership with Carnival Cruise Line for the next 3 posts. I'll be going off on a voyage with them on their Baja Mexico Halloween Cruise next weekend and I can hardly wait. A cruise experience celebrating one of my favorite holidays? Yes, please! I'll be on Instagram Stories posting a room tour, ship tour, food, events and more so make sure you're following along by clicking here.

Featured Friends: The Travelling Sociologist

Taking in the view of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps, in
Switzerland. Photo credit: © thetravellingsociologist

This month, my Featured Friends is The Travelling Sociologist. We started chatting on Twitter a couple of months ago and now she's an active participant of the Fly Away Friday Link-Up as well as the engagement pod. When she reached out to be interviewed, I was thrilled! I've enjoyed reading all of her posts through Fly Away Friday and couldn't wait to get to know her a bit more. She has an interesting background and I can definitely identify with the issue of the "Where are you from?" question. Keep reading to see what I mean!

Fly Away Friday #35

Welcome to the Fly Away Friday link-up! We’re so happy you’re joining us! Grab a cup of coffee, tea or wine (we’re not judging!) and enjoy!

About Fly Away Friday:
Fly Away Friday is a link-up community for travel related blog posts. Hosted by Janine from Fill My Passport and Kana from Life in Wanderlust; we wanted to create and cultivate a supportive community of travelers. Every other Friday at 9:00AM PST, the Fly Away Friday link-up will open for everyone to share their posts all weekend long until Sunday at 11:59PM PST.

Exploring the Abandoned Water Park Between Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Abandoned Places California

If you've ever done the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, you've spotted the abandoned park on the I-15. I've driven past it numerous times and each time, it comes up in conversation but I end up being too lazy to go, especially because there aren't obvious exits. Or let's be real, I'm either too excited to get to Vegas or too exhausted and want to go home!

But finally, I made it a point to explore it and I'm so glad I did because I'm completely fascinated by abandoned places. This abandoned water park is known as the Lake Dolores Water Park and is located along the I-15 in Newbury Springs, California in the western Mojave Desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit THIS Owl Cafe in Tokyo Japan

I've said this before but I've never been a huge fan of cat cafes because I hate cats (sorry, cat people!) but mostly because I'm deathly allergic to them. So naturally, I was never interested and didn't think much of animal cafes until they started opening cafes with other animals! I recently posted about the Bird Cafe which is by far, my favorite animal cafe so far.

But being a Harry Potter fan (I've accepted my fate as a Slytherin) and intrigued by owls in general (they're so majestic!), I knew I had to visit the ever popular Owl Cafes. There are several throughout Tokyo alone and I know it's hard to pick, especially if you're not familiar with the city or the Japanese language in general. So here's 6 reasons why you should visit THIS Owl Cafe in Tokyo and forget the others.

LA Locals Love: Barton G. The Restaurant Hollywood

Barton G West Hollywood

A few months ago as I was scrolling through my Instagram, a ridiculous photo caught my eye. It was this enormous cotton candy concoction placed pretty on a white glass bust of a woman. I immediately saw that it was my former employee and DM-ed him for the details. It looked fascinating and I had to know everything; where, what, who, why and how I can get my hands on it.

He immediately texted back and said, "Barton G in WeHo (West Hollywood)! You've never heard of it? You MUST go".

I looked it up as fast as I could and made reservations for my fiance's birthday dinner. I didn't even look at the price (although in hindsight I perhaps should have) but knew Barton G would be an exciting way to celebrate since we were going to be staycationing in downtown Los Angeles anyway.