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Updated | 10 Tips On Working From Home

10 Tips on Working From Home

This post was originally written in September 2015 but updated in March 2020.

Contrary to belief, I actually do work outside of blogging/Instagramming. I currently work from home full time as a people+project manager for a company that has nothing to do with travel. I've worked at this job for almost 3 years but my WFH (work from home) experience goes back almost 10 years!

When people find out I work from home, I get asked a lot of questions and often for advice if they're thinking of doing the same. In this current climate (COVID-19), a lot of people are directed to work from home if possible and I've received a lot of questions on tips to be most effective at work when at home. After working from home for 10 years, I've gotten so used to it that I'm fairly disciplined to make sure I keep work and home separate. But with that said, I totally get it! I'm sharing my updated (2015 -> 2020) tips and tricks on working from home.

Below are 10 tips on working from home: 

10 Tips For Traveling With Pets | Hotel Edition

Tips For Traveling With Pets

A small section of this post is partnered. Thank you for supporting Life in Wanderlust! 

Are you thinking of traveling with your pet? Concerned about your dog’s first stay at a hotel? Keep reading for tips on how to travel with pets! 

5 Best Brunches in Downtown Los Angeles | Part 2

Aloha Cafe Little Tokyo Review
(Aloha Cafe)

It's about time I share 5 more amazing brunches in downtown Los Angeles, am I right? The first post I wrote (5 Amazing Brunches in Downtown Los Angeles) did so well (thank you!) that I knew I had to start trying new places and documenting all the worthy ones. And now, here we are!

I'm introducing Aloha Cafe, Zinc Cafe & Market, Jist Cafe, Nickel Diner and Nick's Cafe in this post, all located in downtown Los Angeles!

Tiffany Cafe Review | Tokyo, Japan

Tiffany's Cafe Tokyo Japan Review

My first piece of jewelry I was gifted was from Tiffany's and growing up, any celebratory occasion always seemed to be tied to their beautiful jewelry, so Tiffany's has always been close to my heart. When I found out they had a cafe in Tokyo, I knew I had to go the moment I had a chance!

I didn't do much research prior to going, other than figuring out where it was located in Tokyo. Thankfully the Tiffany Cafe is located in Meiji Jingu or better known as the Harajuku area, which is conveniently only one train stop away from my home station. In hindsight, I perhaps should have researched a bit more in advance since the cafe turned out to be so small that they require reservations to sit and have coffee!

Life is Beautiful Music Festival with Toyota

This post is in partnership with Toyota USA. Thank you for your continued support for Life in Wanderlust!

I've been a proud #ToyotaPartner for a couple of years now but have been a Toyota fan since I was a little girl growing up in Tokyo. My parents drove a Camry for years and it's always been a brand that I just knew to trust. Anyway, when Toyota reached out to partner with them in celebrating art and music at Life is Beautiful with their brand new 2020 Corolla, you know I couldn't say no!

10 MORE Eateries in Maui That Will Blow Your Mind

Tinroof Maui Review

It's been 3 years since I was last in Maui so I was insanely happy to be back there. Last time I went, I published 10 Eateries in Maui That Will Blow Your Mind and wow, to this day, it's the most read post I've ever written here on Life in Wanderlust, followed closely by a fellow Maui post, 10 Things To Know Before The Road To Hana. I've also received so many emails and photos from readers that let me know they read my post and visited those spots, which of course made me so happy!

So naturally, I had to share more places (TEN this time) from my trip to Maui. I was there for a week so I had plenty of time to try new places and below are my favorites from this time around.

Let's do this. If you're looking for the best places to eat in Maui, keep reading!