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Featured Friends: Kat from Bright Lights of America

Introducing my March Featured Friends, Kat from Bright Lights of America! I've known Kat for a while now and she's one of my favorite OG Fly Away Friday and Travel Blogger friend. Kat currently resides in San Francisco and is an expat from Australia. Her travel content is based around expat life and she shares fantastic expat advice and tips for people that may be interested. Even though I moved from life in Tokyo to the United States, I'm technically not an expat because I'm dual-citizen, so I've always been interested in the expat journey. 

I absolutely loved reading her answers and getting to know Kat more. She's a lovely person, an excellent writer and a content creator in general. I personally guarantee that you're going to enjoy her content so make sure you visit her over on her blog. Now without further ado, here's Kat!

The Best Place to See Kiwis - Kiwi House in Otorohanga New Zealand

Kiwi House New Zealand Best Place To See Kiwis

When I was growing up in an International School in Tokyo, one of my best friends was from New Zealand. Her room was adorned with kiwis; stuffed animals, posters, bed sheets and more. Because of its obvious cuteness, I was obsessed with them and to this day, one of the goals I had of visiting New Zealand was to see a kiwi in real life. So naturally, I had to Google the best place to see kiwis in New Zealand! 

While I had heard that the Auckland Zoo would have kiwis, I luckily came across the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park online as I was researching the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. It’s not too far away from the caves so it was perfect! Not only that, I loved that the Kiwi House is a non-profit conservatory where they rescue, foster and treat native birds that need help.

Mesmerized by the Glowworms at Waitomo Caves in New Zealand

Waitomo Caves Review
Photo Credit: Expedia New Zealand

One of the most highly recommended activities in the North Island of New Zealand aside from The Hobbiton Movie Set Tour (post coming soon!) was the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. As you may assume from the name of it, yes, it’s a cave full of glowworms. If you’re looking for things to do in New Zealand, I highly recommend it!

A quick disclosure if you're wondering why I only have outdoor photos and credited photos, it's because there's absolutely no photography allowed in the caves. In fact, I saw someone getting walked out because they were trying to be sneaky and get a photo with their phone! 

Fly Away Friday #45

Welcome to the Fly Away Friday link-up! We're so happy you're joining us! Grab a cup of coffee, tea or wine (we're not judging!) and enjoy!

About Fly Away Friday:
Fly Away Friday is a link-up community for travel related blog posts. Hosted by Janine from Fill My Passport and Kana from Life in Wanderlust; we wanted to create and cultivate a supportive community of travelers. Every other Friday at 9:00AM PST, the Fly Away Friday link-up will open for everyone to share their posts all weekend long until Sunday at 11:59PM PST.

10 Awesome Podcasts I Listen To While I Travel

As much as I love listening to music (and singing along to it!), sometimes I want to listen to something else. It's funny, I'm not a huge fan of audiobooks since I like to create the character's voices and tones in my mind but I'll listen to podcasts. Am I the only one that feels that way, or just loves the feel of a book in your hand? Since I travel so much, a lot of people ask me what I do, "other than listen to music or read books" and my answer? Podcasts.

I've been listening to podcasts for a few years now and even co-hosted a baseball podcast way before podcasts were cool. Of course if you've been following along for a while, I now have my own podcast which we'll get to in a bit! Here's 10 podcasts that I enjoy listening to that aren't necessarily related to travel that you may enjoy!

Featured Friends: Sylvia from Sylvia G Eatery

Sylvia G Eatery Interview - Life in Wanderlust

Sylvia from Sylvia G Eatery is my very first Featured Friend of 2018 and I couldn't be happier about it. I was looking through my Instagram notification feed and saw that she was following along, so I went to her page and was instantly hooked! I've probably watched all of her YouTube videos at this point and her Instagram feed is #goals. She's a foodie, photographer and YouTuber that you're going to want to get to know!