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Rainbow Karaoke : The Ultimate Place to Karaoke in Shibuya

Rainbow Karaoke Shibuya

Oh, karaoke. It started in Japan and now it's a universal phenomena that people enjoy. As someone that has a name and kanji that means 'melodious', I'm quite the karaoke queen. Growing up, the cool place to hang out after school was at karaoke and trust me, back then it wasn't this nice. I remember going to karaoke boxes near my school and paid 300 yen per hour in a dirty, tiny room.

But now, karaoke has become even more significant in the Japanese culture and companies are competing to be the best karaoke spot. Since my parents are also karaoke fans, they've been scouting out the best and newest spots around our neighborhood. Between my parents and I, we've sang in a variety of karaoke boxes but nothing compares to the Rainbow Karaoke in Shibuya!

Fly Away Friday #27

Welcome to the Fly Away Friday link-up! We’re so happy you’re joining us! Grab a cup of coffee, tea or wine (we’re not judging!) and enjoy! About Fly Away Friday:
Fly Away Friday is a link-up community for travel related blog posts. Hosted by Janine from Fill My Passport and Kana from Life in Wanderlust; we wanted to create and cultivate a supportive community of travelers. Every other Friday at 9:00AM PST, the Fly Away Friday link-up will open for everyone to share their posts all weekend long until Sunday at 11:59PM PST.

Dining at the Adorable Pompompurin Cafe in Tokyo

Pompompurin Cafe Tokyo

Since I was born and raised in Tokyo, Sanrio played a huge part in my childhood and my creativity. In other countries, Sanrio is predominantly represented by Hello Kitty and you visit Sanrio Stores at the malls. But in Japan, Sanrio is part of the Japanese culture and yes, Hello Kitty is the star of the show but closely followed by Keroppi, Pochacco, My Melody, Kiki & Lala, Batz-Maru, Tuxedo Sam, Winky Pinky, Peckle and Peppy, just off the top of my head! Bet you don't recognize half of what I just listed!

Checking In: Hotel Elysèe in New York City, New York

Hotel Elysee New York City

For the majority of my stay in New York, I had the pleasure of cozying up at the Hotel Elysee in Manhattan. The Hotel Elysee is a luxury boutique hotel and part of the Library Hotel Collection. If you haven't already, click here for a review of their sister property I also stayed at in Manhattan, the Library Hotel. While they're a part of the same collection, they offer a unique and very different experience!

8 New York Eateries I Would Revisit

Doughnuttery Plaza Hotel

Hands down the most read and commented post on my blog is the 10 Eateries in Maui That Will Blow Your Mind. It was my first post dedicated to food and I'm so glad to know everyone enjoys food as much as I do, especially while traveling!

One thing I do before a trip is research local food spots. I'm all about trying places that are hyped up, whether it's 'touristy' or not (because really, who cares? I discussed that a little on this post). Since New York is the mecca of food, I knew I had to try as many places as my stomach could handle!

L.A. Locals Love: Reasons to Visit the L.A. Opera

LA Opera

For this week in Los Angeles, let's get fancy! That's right, put on your best pair of dress shoes and get yourself to the L.A. Opera. In the City of Angels there are endless entertainment possibilities so why should a show at the L.A. Opera be an option? Besides the fact that the this amazing non-profit organization helps fund art education around different Los Angeles neighborhoods, it is also home to many stage premiers for spectacular performance since the 1980's. If you are wondering if a visit to an opera is right for you, here are 4 reasons why you should visit the L.A. Opera!