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Top 10 Amazon Travel Products You Need

10 Best Amazon Travel Products

I'm most definitely a typical Millennial in that I order everything from Amazon. Or is that everyone? Well either way, we all know you can pretty much find everything you need in life from Amazon whether it's dog poop bags, bar stools or Trump wigs. I'm especially a big fan of Amazon's own line, AmazonBasics. It's cheap, great quality and ships immediately.

Of course as a Travel Blogger, I've done my fair share of trying out travel accessories from Amazon. Some of them were a huge waste of money but these 10 items have changed my travel life for the better. I was inspired by all the "Amazon Must Buys" Youtube videos and decided to share my tried and true Amazon travel products with you!

Podcast Episode 03: Hotel Story Time #1 feat. Brooke!

Life in Wanderlust Podcast Hotel Story Time

All of my podcast episodes so far, I've put a lot of love and effort into. But this one especially excites me to share with all of you! If you listened to Episode 0, I discuss wanting to share my crazy experiences in the hospitality business with the world and in today's podcast, I GET TO! Not only that, I get to tell these stories with a special guest and one of my best friends and former colleague, Brooke!

We talk about me getting fired by Mr. Hilton himself, Brooke's encounter with an angry wife in slippers and a handsome man who's haunted by his demon.

Checking In: Marriott Portland Downtown Waterfront

Marriott Downtown Portland Waterfront Review
The Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront graciously offered me a special rate for this stay. However, all opinions are as always, my own.

Want to know a funny fact about the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront to start off this post? Well, when I was trying to get into the hospitality business after getting tired of high fashion retail, I applied to this hotel a couple of times. I got rejected....multiple times, ha! It's ok though and absolutely no hard feelings! I was hired by the Marriott down the street by the water and ended up having a great relationship with the sales team at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront.

If you couldn't figure it out from that or you don't know much about me, I used to live in Portland for about 4 years total. I love the city and when I moved to Los Angeles, I left a fabulous city and a ton of my close friends up there. So naturally, I visit Portland 1-2 times a year. This isn't the first time I've stayed at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront nor is it the first time I've written about them! But it is the first time I've dedicated a post to them on my Checking In series. Why? Because it's worth trying to convince you to stay there!

Fly Away Friday #43

Travel Blogger Link-up Fly Away Friday

9 Best Places to Eat in Portland: Portland Food Guide

Voodoo Doughnut Portland Oregon

Looking for the best places to eat in Portland? You've come to the right place! As a former Oregon resident, I had a blast going back to my old stomping grounds to find you Portland restaurants, especially downtown Portland restaurants that you need to try.

My friends and I went back to favorite oldies, visited token Portland restaurants and tried out new spots during our 5 day trip to Portland. Whether you're a savory lover or have a sweet tooth, you're going to find something that satisfies you on this list of Portland restaurants. These restaurants are all tested and approved by the Life in Wanderlust crew!

Would you rather listen to this list, including extra commentating? Click here to listen to the Life in Wanderlust podcast episode that mirrors this post!

Podcast Episode 02: 9 Must Eat Spots in Portland Oregon

Life in Wanderlust, A Travel Podcast Episode 02

Hello, friends! 

Episode 2 of my podcast is now available on both Soundcloud and iTunes!

For this episode, I'm discussing 9 places you need to eat at in beautiful (and quirky) Portland, Oregon. This episode mirrors a blog post getting published on Monday, January 29th but with a lot more chatting and random opinions (ha!).

Check it out:

iTunes: Search for "Life in Wanderlust"

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A Travel Podcast - 9 Places To Eat In Portland Oregon