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Travel Tips
Travel Tips


Are you a brand or blogger that needs a little help? 

Thank you for your interest in Life in Wanderlust's consulting services! After receiving several inquiries regarding consultations on business branding, blogging, travel planning, social media strategy, I decided to offer services.

Don't worry, I'm not selling my services just because I'm a blogger able to make an income. I have the educational background and years of professional experience to back up my ideas and strategies.

Are you a hotel, Airbnb owner or restaurant? Visit my company by clicking here

Some of my qualifications:

  • Master's from Cornell University in Hospitality Digital Marketing & Revenue Management 
  • Founder & Digital Marketing Director at Sakura Strategies 
  • 6+ years of professional Social Media experience in the travel industry
  • 10 years of blogging experience in different fields (sports, wine, lifestyle and travel) 
  • Hubspot Certification in Inbound Marketing
  • Hubspot Certification in E-Mail Marketing 
  • Hubspot Certification in Content Marketing 

Are you ready to work with me to create something amazing?

Here's what I offer:

Travel Blogger Consultation - Are you a new Travel Blogger or thinking of starting your own blog? Let’s chat! I can answer any questions you may have regarding starting a travel blog. We can discuss finances, blogging platforms, equipment - I’m an open, very honest book. 

1 hour Skye session / $60 

Media Kit Development - Whether you’re a new blogger or starting to work with brands, a Media Kit is crucial to the story-telling of your blog. There’s so many types of Media Kit templates, do’s and don’ts, it can be confusing! I can help you develop one for your blog and/or answer any questions you have! 

1 hour Skype session & 2 revisions / $50 

Travel Consultation - While I have visited several places, I only advise on destinations that I can call myself an expert in:  

California, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii (Oahu & Maui), Japan, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Saipan, Vancouver - BC, Washington - D.C, Washington. 

1 hour Skype session / $80 

Instagram Strategy Consultation - While this blog gives my Instagram a run for its money, Instagram has always been my main platform. I grew my Instagram account with honesty, a lot of research and tons of trial and error. Not seeing the growth you’re hoping for? Not sure how to keep your Instagram Grid consistent? Ready to become an Instagrammer? 

1 hour Skype session / $60 

Social Media Consultation - Whether you’re a business or blogger, it’s important to know what use each platform serves as they’re not all the same. Let’s work together to grow your social media platforms the way it best suits your brand. 

1 hour Skype session / $70 

Ready to chat?